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Health examination / scanning

We use our technology to get an overview of your body and how it works to keep you healthy. This is the starting point for your individual treatment plan.

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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

By increasing the ambient pressure around the whole body and breathing pure oxygen from a mask, the combination of pressure and oxygen means that the oxygen is taken up in the bloodstream and transported around the whole body to a much greater extent than usual.

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Intravenous vitamin supplementation

Out examinations will show what you may need additional supplements for. When given intravenously absorption is 100%, which is not always the case when taken orally. What is given before hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases uptake at the cellular level.

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You become what you eat

Our examination results gives us your protocol, which regulates your eating habits with a diet based on your BMI and wishes. We also suggest an excercise plan.

Our quality system is ready to help You!

Our protocol will create a treatment plan that will help you with your challenges and improve your state of health.

Why choose
Carino Health?

  • Our unique and extensive health examination
  • You get a personalized therapy plan
  • We uncover the underlying causes of your health challenges
  • Lifestyle changes for optimalized health